Monthly Archives: October 2013

Longitudes and Latitudes Stored as Approximate Numeric Types: A Trap for the Unwary

I often work with geospatial data, primarily points on the Earth’s surface represented by longitude-latitude pairs. Typically, a table will have columns for longitude and latitude stored as one of the number data types, usually decimal or numeric. Occasionally, though, I see longitude and latitude values stored in columns defined with the float data type […]

Speaking Up – A Follow-Up to PASS Summit 2013 Women in Technology Panel Discussion

At yesterday’s Women in Technology Luncheon panel discussion, several panelists spoke about the importance of speaking up when we encounter bias, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment and the likelihood that silence in such situations will be perceived as implicit approval of inappropriate language or conduct. However, the discussion unfortunately did not cover one of the major […]

A confession from PASS Summit

On this the eve of the final day of PASS Summit 2013 (my second PASS Summit), I can say with confidence that this conference, like last year’s event, counts as one of the most significant professional development experiences of my career. I have learned so much from people who know more about SQL Server than […]