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Using RAISERROR in SQL Server 2008R2 and Earlier Versions

Over at the SQL Server Central forums, I just answered a question about the RAISERROR function in SQL Server 2008R2 and earlier versions. The original poster wanted to use RAISERROR in a CATCH block (after some logging, etc.) to return the original error to the calling application and halt further processing. Unfortunately, RAISERROR behaves much differently when used […]

SQL Saturday #272 Presentation Materials Now Online

I’ve posted my presentation materials for my session “Mayday! Applying Lessons Learned From Airline Disasters to Avoid Database Disasters” here: PDF – Grayscale – approx. 2 MB download PDF – Color  – approx. 10 MB download

An Easy Way to Determine the Data Type of an Expression Result

I suspect SQL Server developers and DBAs spend very little time thinking about data types, probably because SQL Server generally is so forgiving about data types. SQL Server will, without complaint, perform implicit conversions whenever it can to match input data types to the defined data types of columns and variables and the specified data types for […]

Things That Make You Go “D’oh” – Part 1: My Arithmetic is Overflowing???

This first post in a series of posts on “Things That Make You Go ‘D’oh’” – those little “gotchas” in SQL Server’s inner workings that lead to epic facepalms when developers and DBAs finally discover the sources of the problems they cause – explains the issue that inspired me to write this series. I had written a […]

Come see me at SQL Saturday #272, Nashville, TN – Jan. 18, 2014

I’m speaking at SQL Saturday #272 in Nashville, TN on January 18, 2014. My session is based on a presentation by Mike Walsh at PASS Summit 2013. Hope to see you there!

Speaking Up – A Follow-Up to PASS Summit 2013 Women in Technology Panel Discussion

At yesterday’s Women in Technology Luncheon panel discussion, several panelists spoke about the importance of speaking up when we encounter bias, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment and the likelihood that silence in such situations will be perceived as implicit approval of inappropriate language or conduct. However, the discussion unfortunately did not cover one of the major […]